5 Reasons I Love Being a Mom (hint: Rummikub)

A reason to be a mom: Rummikub tournaments

Lately I have been thinking about my unconventional view on the benefits of being a mom. The items on my favorite-reasons-for-being-a-mom list shift in level of importance, but the list essentially stays the same. I might be unconventional in my thoughts on being a mom, but at least I am consistent. The reason for my contemplation is simple. I have been totally focused on what is Reason #1 on my list right now: game playing.

The obsession focus this week with the kids has been on playing games. More specifically, Rummikub. We were introduced to this game last week while on vacation with friends. After driving home from our trip on Friday, I unloaded the car and then forced the kids back in the car so we could go to Target. I had to have this game. Immediately.

And so the obsession quality time with the children began. How bad has it become? Well, let’s just say I told my daughter I would kick in an extra $1 to her allowance this week if she played anytime I asked one day. I had to do this because she told me she was tired of playing the game. This was not acceptable so I had to resort to cash, quietly slipping money under the table when her brother was not looking. He is still young and innocent, happy to have “mommy time.” Monkey has no problem playing Rummikub at 7 a.m.

I did mention I have an unconventional list, right?

Here’s my Top 5 Reasons I Love Being a Mom:

  1. Playing games.
  2. Another outlet for baseball obsession (Monkey plays 2 seasons a year and I get to keep team stats).
  3. Coloring and craft buddies as roommates.
  4. Excuse to buy and build Lego sets.
  5. Water balloon fights.

In preparing for this post, I did some research. I wanted to see where I fit in with other mothers when it came to listing out the reasons to love motherhood. The Diaper Diaries wrote a post about the top 10 reasons she loves being a mom. It’s a cute list.

Here are a few entries to the list:

  1. Listening to my girls giggle through the monitor.
  2. A heartfelt “sorry” after they mess up.
  3. Watching 2 little girls kiss a belly and tell a sibling they have never met how much they love him/her.

Yeah, that’s cute. Really cute.

Then there is 1000 Reasons I am a Crap Mom.

Here are a few from her list:

  1. My blog is more important than my son.
  2. I tell my child I will exchange him for another.
  3. My children eat off the floor.

As a mom, I fall somewhere between Diaper Diaries and Crap Mom. Actually, I probably tend to lean towards Crap Mom. WAYYYY over towards Crap Mom. At least my kids don’t suck on the grocery cart handle like Crap Mom’s son. Well, but my kids are 7 and 10. That would probably be a bit weird if they still ever sucked on the handle.

What about you?

Do you have any unconventional reasons?

Share below!

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