25 Things I’ve Never Told You

Corbett Barr from Think Traffic  and Free Pursuits recently wrote a post to allow his readers to really get to know him. Corbett wrote the piece to strengthen his voice because he felt he had been presenting a watered-down version of himself to readers. When thinking over the weekend about being more authentic on this site and in my life, I realized a few things had to happen.

I had to post a photo of myself.

I needed to include my full name on my blog.

I wanted to write a piece similar to Corbett’s post.

Yesterday I accomplished the first two on my list. Today I hope this post will allow you get to know me better. My list includes some things even my friends don’t know about me. I am not sure it is really soul-bearing like Corbett’s, but it is certainly an odd collection of facts about me.

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me:


A amazing resemblance to two of my toes.

1. I have two toes that look like E.T.’s head. It’s subtle so you wouldn’t notice it if I didn’t point it out.

2. My feet are claustraphopic. Sandals are my favorite type of shoe. Spring means the return of freedom for my feet. The E.T. toe thing obviously doesn’t bother me. I swear this isn’t going to just be about my feet. And I don’t have a foot fetish.

3. If I could live anywhere, I would live by the water. I love swimming in open water (but see No. 18. This can get in the way of my enjoyment of the water), listening to the ocean roll in, the sound of a lake lapping up to shore, the sun shimmering on a body of water, kayaking, and boating. I belong by the water.

4. I can’t stand to waste unnecessarily. My definition of “unecessarily” includes the beautiful ribbon used to wrap a gift for me and the last tablespoon of salad dressing.

5. I can’t stand clutter. I know No. 4 made me sound like a hoarder, but I am the queen to de-cluttering. If it isn’t used regularly it gets thrown out, handed down to someone else, or given to charity.

6. No matter what happens in life, everything will be OK if my spices are alphabetized. Even at my lowest points during the separation when I lost the ability to stay on top of the house (read: it was a mess), my spices stayed organized the entire time.

7. Two things I wish I owned: a kayak and an iPad. Both I would like to own in the next 12 months. I am not one to want things. Instead I try to focus on being grateful for what I am blessed to have now. I try to instill that in my children too. That said, I really want a kayak and an iPad!

8. I have a black belt. I earned it in a Northern Shaolin style Kung-Fu called Tien Shan Pai.

9. I would like to be a published author. I am working on one book idea right now.

10. A well-made salted caramel is my favorite sweet.


My favorite cupcake from CakeLove: 44 (salted caramel)

11. CakeLove’s cupcake, called 44 (named for President Barack Obama), is another sweet I love. It’s a salted caramel cupcake. Yum!

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