Keeping Love Alive, One Small Gesture at a Time

Last week I announced I was broadening the focus of this blog to include love and relationships. And, leading up to Valentine’s Day, I would post a two week series.

The topics so far have included:

I would be remiss to write a series on love and relationships and not write about what I am privileged to witness around me. I have friends who, many years into their marriage, are still very much in love. And it gives me hope that a lasting love and a successful marriage is possible. As I wrote last week, it is the small things in daily life that make the greatest impact keeping love alive.

Looking in, this is what I see:

  • Couples who genuinely like each other.
  • A man who leaves his wife a note and rose on her pillow for her to find when she returns from work.
  • Amid the swirl of kid-generated chaos, a couple who can stand in the middle of it all, look at each other lovingly, and laugh.
  • Couples loving each other unconditionally.
  • A wife who sincerely misses her husband when he is on travel.
  • Couples married to their best friends.
  • A husband who discovers a love song to express his feelings for his wife of 16 years and downloads it to her iPhone.

The Song of the Week by Katie Melua is the song my friend had added to her phone by the love of her life: her wonderful husband, best friend, and great dad to her children. Her husband asked her to marry him six weeks after they started dating. She laughed at him and said no. Several times actually. He didn’t give up and she made a great decision when she finally said yes.

Here’s Nine Million Bicycles:

What small gestures make a difference in a loving relationship to you?

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!

NOTE: Visit Monday for the final post in this two week series.


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4 comments on this post.
  1. SuzRocks:

    Knowing all their faults and annoying habits, and not getting mad or annoyed by it. My husband HATES it when I eat candy/chocolate for breakfast, and yet sometimes he’ll bring me some.

    That means a lot. As stupid and simple as it sounds.
    SuzRocks recently posted..9 Songs To Make You SmileMy Profile

  2. Naked Girl in a Dress:


    It is those small things that can make a difference so you should not feel it is stupid. I am glad you found someone to serve you chocolate for breakfast. (:

  3. Melissa (@melrut01):

    Love this post. Found you again on TRDC today. My first husband was a nightmare, so I appreciate my new husband even more. One of my first posts was about him, My Triple H. He’s an incredible man, and he treats so well. Now we’re parents, and when I see him with his baby son, I fall in love with all over again. There really is love and happiness after divorce. I now have the life I always wanted.
    Melissa (@melrut01) recently posted..Operation B4My Profile

  4. Naked Girl in a Dress:


    Thanks for visiting again. I am happy to read you found love and marriage a second time and that it is all that you want in your life. Feels great to read this.