How Great a Test Can a New Relationship Stand?

At some point in a new relationship something happens to challenge the foundation the couple is just starting to build. A few months into a relationship, it is easy to walk away if values, feelings, or interests are not aligned. It can be a slow-building realization or a specific event. Regardless, there is a moment in each relationship for that first pause; a time to decide whether you want to pursue the relationship or move on. For me, the moment arrived this week. It was brought about by a specific event.

My boyfriend purchased a new phone.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Trust me. Just keep reading.

JCP was several generations behind everyone else in the world with his old phone. He might not admit that I am right. But I am. To prove my point: there were character limitations on his text messaging (affecting the length of a text); he was constantly rebooting the phone; he couldn’t view images because of a memory space issue; and more.

Like me, he has to research and comparison shop so long that the item in question is probably obsolete by the time a decision is reached. I have patiently been waiting since we met for JCP to reach not just a decision, but the right decision.

Instead he bought a Thunderbolt.

This creates a few problems.

I have never dated a man without an iPhone before. I started seeing JCP, with his ancient phone, thinking surely he would upgrade to an iPhone soon. Not having a common love of all things Apple is a challenge. Not believing that Steve Jobs is our Savior and choosing to buy a Thunderbolt is an even bigger problem in this relationship.

And then there’s the out-of-network issue when we talk. Forget about dropped calls and poor cell reception. If he really cared about me he would have signed up for AT&T, knowing how important the iPhone is to me. This is clearly a warning sign regarding his commitment level in this relationship.

We are also both highly competitive. As a result, the Thunderbolt vs. iPhone debates have begun. As recently as this morning I emailed him an article about a new iPhone patent that was filed (thereby proving superiority) and I received this comment back:

“I am glad to learn iPhone users will eventually join the modern era…”

Forgive him Steve, for he knows not what he says.

As for all the my-phone-is-better-than-your-phone debates, I am clearly ahead. He has such weak facts to sling at me in defense of the Thunderbolt. Who cares that he actually has cell reception with his phone. Does it really matter that he has 4G, a kickstand, and his phone serves as a hot spot? Who needs talk-to-text ability? His phone is inferior, regardless of all these fancy features, including no dropped calls and good cell reception. Who actually buys a phone to talk on anyway?

Actually, I do think in a flurry of excitement that I mentioned never breaking up with him because he has a hot spot. It was a weak moment. Whatever.

The iPhone is superior.

Because Steve Jobs said so.

The end.

Note: JCP and I do have values, feelings, and interests aligned. We are also great communicating with each other so I know we will survive this first bump in our relationship. And he has a good sense of humor, which is key for dating me. And he probably has a 30 day return policy for the Thunderbolt.

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