How Great a Test Can a New Relationship Stand?

On another note, since JCP is losing badly in the battle of the phones, I thought I would be nice and share a singer he likes for Song of the Week. Here’s JCP’s favorite Keith Urban song: “Love Somebody Like You.”

Happy Friday!

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  1. Leigh Ann:

    Ha! My husband is a PC and I’m a Mac, so it can work. If anything it may be better because he, an IT guy, can’t really help me that much with my Mac unless it’s really technical mumbo jumbo. But most things I end up having to figure out myself, which he thinks is totally hot.

  2. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    Then maybe there is hope for an iPhone/Thunderbolt relationship! I am thinking positive thoughts because other than the phone issue, things are going well for us.

  3. Random Girl:

    Uh oh, incompatible hardware?? What a shame, he seemed like he has so much potential!
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  4. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    Only incompatible phone hardware. Don’t you think that is something I should just deal with?

  5. jen:

    OHHHHHHHHHH NO! What the hell is a thunderbolt and why did he buy one?
    JPB doesn’t have an iPhone either! We are obviously fishing in the wrong dating pool!

  6. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I still don’t understand why he isn’t carrying around an iPhone. He could spend an hour explaining it to you.

    What is wrong with us sis? Kristen should be dating one of them….at least based on her phone choice.

  7. Minka:

    Tell him your vibrator kicks his vibrator’s ass. If he actually begins to disagree with you… I think it’s over.

  8. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    He actually has a jackhammer app that makes the phone vibrate. How funny you left this comment! Next week I am writing about his app obsession, which is completely out of control.

  9. Romiust:

    Android fan boy for life. You picked a smart man

  10. Coffee and a Book Chick:

    *scoffs* No really, what is a Thunderbolt?! *holds iPhone with mother-like pride* I can blog on the iPhone with flourishing success! I love my iPhone, would not trade it in for anything! Besides, when you go from a corded, archaic phone to a cordless phone, you don’t notice that it’s got an antennae that could reach China when pulled all the way out – you only notice that you can walk around and talk on the phone UNTETHERED. So. No wonder he likes this “thunderbolt” thingy. Nuff said.
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  11. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    Thank you my fellow iPhone friend! I ask the same thing: what the hell is a Thunderbolt?

    Update: the debate continued last night. About the greatness of a Thunderbolt.

  12. Maasiyat:

    Considering that my phone doesn’t do anything more than text and call and not even that at times. I can’t weigh in on which is better. Especially because I have never heard of “thunderbolt” until right now. At first I thought it was an energy drink. If it isn’t then it should be.
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  13. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    Thunderbolt is a better name for an energy drink than a phone. Major screw up Verizon.

  14. jacqui:

    If you are compatible other than phone related issues, I believe you should just let this one go. Unless he comes home with two cans connected by a piece of string. Then he will have gone too far.
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  15. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    So far he has not presented me with two cans and a string so I think we are good. :)

  16. Kir:

    such a cute post, my hubby and I love the SPRINT network so we both got EVO shifts…and we love them and fortunately each other. :)

  17. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I don’t think the Thunderbolt/iPhone debate will ever subside between the two of us. It’s a fun banter so I love we have something to rib the other about.

  18. Roxanne:

    I have a sometime love interest who still to this day, does not own a cell phone. It’s a problem.

  19. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I don’t think I could date someone I could not text. Good for you for hanging in there.

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