Men’s Thoughts on Lizzi Miller and Glamour

How beauty is defined and what is considered sexy is subjective and a hotly-debated subject.  The single most popular post on my blog is about my thoughts on beauty so it did not surprise me to witness the explosion of dialog on the internet and in the media since this image of Lizzi Miller graced page 194 of Glamour magazine.

What exactly is beauty? Is it photoshopped perfection? Is it the way a woman carries herself, the way she dresses, or how she expresses herself? Is it sexier to feel as comfortable as Lizzi appears when the photographer took this image, laughing and uninhibited in the moment?

Women have been applauding Glamour for placing this image of Lizzi in their magazine, but what do men think?

I was pleased to read most men were as enthusiastic as the women were to see a “real” woman in a magazine and considered Lizzi sexy. It is exciting to read about positive body images for women discussed by both sexes in such a healthy, realistic way.

In a recent article on Glamour’s blog, many men stated they saw her as sexy because of Lizzi’s look of confidence and obvious comfort with her body. Here’s what a few had to say:

“…I haven’t encountered many women like this, who would sit confidently in a position that exposed a ‘little extra.’ I’m more likely to notice a woman’s belly roll if it’s clear that she isn’t comfortable with it.”

“The only guys who would say this girl is not attractive, or who wouldn’t consider dating her, are the same trolls who would criticize Jessica Biel’s kneecaps. If a roll of fat would be a deal-breaker for a guy going on a date with this girl, all I have to say is, well, good, less competition for the rest of us! Of course she’s attractive–and this body type is a lot closer to what women actually look like in real life than what I usually see in magazines. Bravo to Glamour for showing it. How do I get a subscription?”

“Let’s see. She’s got great eyes, a nice smile, she’s… naked(!), and is comfortable enough with herself to laugh while posing in that nakedness. Yes–there’s no other word but sexy that comes to mind. I’ve dated women with her body type before–and I would again in a second. Her body is hot, but it’s the attitude that appeals to me more than the body itself.”

“She looks pretty sexy…but can I get a few more pics to be sure? Seriously, though, she looks a lot more like the women I find sexy (including my beautiful girlfriend) than most women in magazines.”

The firestorm of attention to this image has sparked an opportunity for men and women to discuss and embrace beauty–in all it’s shapes and forms–as well as talk about that special type of beauty that radiates from within. Lizzi has both and it is nice to see it recognized.

Thank you Lizzi for having the courage and confidence and thank you Glamour for publishing.


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