Exciting Changes to Naked Girl in the New Year

This week’s theme at Naked Girl in a Dress has been to focus on the start of the New Year. So far this week I have discussed my plans to begin 2012 without setting unrealistic goals, but instead to simply be mindful of three words. In addition to thinking about these things over winter break, I also contemplated the blog.

A few questions I asked myself:

  • What changes did I feel needed to be made?
  • Did I want to expand, adding more pages to the site?
  • Was I happy with the growth rate of the community I have been building here these last few years?
  • How can I better connect outside of the blog?

These questions and more have led to a lot of exciting ideas I have for Naked Girl in a Dress in 2012. A lot more than I can implement in the first five days of the New Year.

Here are the immediate changes:

  • The About page needed to be updated, which I have already completed.
  • Thursdays were not typically days I published, but it is now going to be my community day. My life has been enriched by so many wonderful writers I have met as a result of blogging. Thursdays will be a day to shine a light on these talented, warm, funny friends each week. I will either be writing a review of a blog I love to read (Blogs to Bookmark) or I will have a guest writer (Naked Girl Has Guests) publish here.
  • The Sprocket Ink badge and link is missing from the sidebar. It was fun to have an outlet to write snarky political pieces, but with the New Year brings a new focus. I would have left the link up so you could still find my writing over there, but it is policy for the co-owners of the blog to scrub posts of the author’s name once they leave. So, the link would no longer help you find my writing.
  • While something was removed from the sidebar, another item was added; it’s an Amazon slideshow. I plan to have it scrolling through books I am reading, music I am listening to, and things I am doing with the kids (games/toys).

When I received a Google+ invite last July, I wondered if I really wanted to devote more time than I already do to social media. But it’s Google. So I dipped my toe in this new social media water the latter half of last year. Impressed with the results with what effort I made, I have decided to jump in head first in 2012. Please circle me if you are on Google+; I would love to connect there as well. If you want a jumpstart to your Google+ experience, I recommend Chris Brogan’s book

(affiliate link). I am currently devouring it on my Kindle.

More pages will be added here to expand the site. I will share more as each page is ready to be added.

Next Thursday will be the first guest writer. I won’t reveal who will be writing, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is only his third month of blogging, but someone to expect great things from in 2012. I am honored to have him write for me next week.

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