200 Later: Progress on the Journey


It’s a big number.

No one lives to be 200 and many blogs never live long enough to have the 200th post published.

It’s a really big number.

Yesterday was my 200th post on Naked Girl in a Dress. It’s not the number that feels so significant though; it where I am compared to where I was when I published post #1 and post #100.

I was in a low point when I published my first post. After waiting over a year to begin the divorce process, I was starting to meet with my ex to discuss terms. I was in a relationship that was long overdue to be ended (but one I continued in for another six months). I was overwhelmed with being a solo homeowner and single mom. Terrified after being accepted to a professional photography program, I delayed my admission into the program. I was worried about the kids, my finances, and my future in general.

What a difference in my life 100 posts later. There was tremendous progress in the 11 months between the two posts. As I re-read the 100th post this morning, it brought back being in that place; I felt hopeful and excited for my future. I felt great. I stated that I was confident my life would continue to improve and that I would be happier than I was at that moment.

Since March of last year I have graduated from photography school; shot two weddings and several other commercial jobs; I am teaching blogging and social media marketing; I have been writing for a variety of sites; I have been consulting for clients in the areas of blogging and social media; and I have grown this site.

The list of what I want in a relationship was something I published last year. That list is out of date; with every dating experience I am able to better hone the list. And, when sitting across the table from The Boyfriend on our four hour first date (longest lunch ever!), I knew from that list that he was everything I wanted in a man. And more. I am not sure what the future holds for us, but as a special friend says to me often, “He is Mr. Right for right now.” Without all the experiences I had before him, I would not have known so clearly on that first date.

My professional and love lives are doing well, but so are several other areas of my life. My ex and I continue to do well with our relationship, the kids continue to thrive, the house repairs don’t seem so overwhelming, and financially I feel whole again. The divorce has been finalized in the time between my 100th post and now.

Now that my life is in order again, I am giving back within the D.C. community with a non profit that brings together so many things I love: writing, photography, children, and food. I am an Ambassador Volunteer Writer and Photographer for the Capital Area Food Bank’s Kids’ program. When I was accepted after the interview process, I couldn’t have been more excited for the opportunity to serve in a great program by doing things I love.

I still have moments where I am sad or overwhelmed, but then I think back to where I was 200 posts ago. Earlier this week I wrote about a fear I am battling. Looking back today over the journey I have been on during the time I have blogged, I realize the insignificance of the problem in comparison; I am in a loving, healthy relationship with an amazing man. The only problem is my fear of getting hurt. That, as the cliche goes, is a very good problem to have.

My friend Lance commented on my 100th post with the following:

“I can’t wait to read what you are writing six months or even a year from now. I bet it will be pretty dynamic. Congratulations on your first 100. Fiver says number 200 will be 100 times better.”

I owe you that fiver Lance.

I am so happy you were right.


For Song of the Week this week, Pink is the appropriate artist. I had a 7.5 mile run on Monday on the National Mall with The Boyfriend. The rest of the week Pink has been my running partner (Pandora). After writing about the monster I am battling, I couldn’t think of a better person to kick me in the pants to help me get over the fear. Here’s “So What:”

Happy Friday!

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