Naked Girl Wraps Up with Gluten-Free Pizza, Japanese Tourists, and Squirrels

January 29, 2012

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Some weeks the wrap-up ties together beautifully; a theme emerges as I write. I love when that happens; this wasn’t one of those weeks though. I have been staring at the screen, wondering how these random wrap-up sections tie together. Here’s my idea about writing: if you stare at the screen long enough, it will come.

I have been staring a really long time and the theme still isn’t coming to me. Since The Boyfriend and I are going to a 2:50 movie, I can’t wait any longer. I give in and will share random nonsense instead. So, here’s totally unrelated, useless information about my weekend and a wrap-up without a theme:

  • The Boyfriend and I tried a pizza restaurant (that is all they serve) this weekend. There was a big build-up to going because they serve gluten-free pizza. I will not eat cardboard masquerading as pizza so, sadly, pizza isn’t something I eat often. This was delicious pizza and the crust was excellent.
  • We ran on the National Mall where we saw a huge group of Japanese tourists crouched down photographing a single squirrel. And they were trying to coax the squirrel to pose. You would have thought they saw a zebra walking down Constitution Avenue; they were that excited.
  • The highlight to each kid-free weekend is my time with The Boyfriend. We have fun doing anything and also nothing together.

So, to wrap up the highlights of the weekend, there was time with The Boyfriend, gluten-free pizza, and Japanese tourists trying to get a squirrel to pose. Possibly boring to you, but it was a weekend that made me really happy. It was perfect.

And in other wrap-up news…

A Wrap-Up of My Writing This Week

This week on Write on Edge I shared a post from a year ago about the challenges of being a blogger and dating. When is it the right time to share the news that you blog? You can read the post to discover how I was handling the situation a year ago.

The Boyfriend and I discussed this topic yesterday, reflecting on how I handled my blog with him; on our second date I shared the news. Instead of encouraging him to read, though, I pleaded with him to refrain from reading it. A very different tactic from how I have handled this topic in the last year.

The reason is simple.

I knew immediately that this was going to be a different experience than any man that had come before him. I didn’t want my blog to get in the way of knowing each other the old fashioned way: through personal interaction. Three months later, he still doesn’t read it. He asks what I am writing about, why I am writing a particular piece, and how it is received by my readers. He is involved, just not online. His thought is that it is more interesting, hearing from me and having a discussion. It’s working for us.

My Favorite Reading This Week

Chrysta from LiveLoveWork has a wonderful post on patience. Since this is one of my three words to be mindful of in 2012, the post was helpful for me. After reading this piece of Chrysta’s, peruse her site and get to know her. She has a positive message to share and I love the concept of her blog.

My Internet Escapades This Week

I have Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. I also participate in smaller social media sites like Studio30 Plus, which is narrow in focus for the community (writers over 30).

So why would I add another social media site?

Because two incredible women started it, it’s professional, and it is the perfect place for me to connect with other working mothers. In the few days Launching Mom has been live, I have been impressed with the site itself, the other women choosing to be a part of the community, and the promotion of it. Come join me on Launching Mom. I think you will also be impressed.

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Chrysta Bairre January 29, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Thank you so much for linking to my post, and your very lovely words about my blog! I am so grateful!

You bring up a very interesting point about blogging and dating. Many years ago I had a personal journal online and a guy I dated very briefly read what I had written. I had completely forgotten I told him about it, and didn’t realize he was reading.

Though I didn’t write about him specifically, he took it upon himself to read into what I had written and make assumptions about me and the future of our relationship.

In the end it’s probably for the best as I don’t think it would have worked out in the long term, but there is something to be said for getting to know each other the old fashioned way.

It’s far too easy to think you know someone seeing only one side of them behind a computer.

Happy Sunday!
Chrysta Bairre recently posted..Have a Little PatienceMy Profile


Naked Girl in a Dress January 30, 2012 at 9:12 am

You are welcome! I am enjoying your blog and was happy to share with others.

I have had similar situations with guys and my blog and have found those guys weren’t worth my time and can look back and say I am happy they aren’t in my life anymore. I have a great balance with The Boyfriend and we are both happy with how we handle my blog.


Brett Minor January 29, 2012 at 4:56 pm

Wow! You stay way busier than I even want to be. After being a parent and going to school, I can barely keep my blog going.
Brett Minor recently posted..Ear Plugs Are for Old PeopleMy Profile


Naked Girl in a Dress January 30, 2012 at 9:11 am

It’s really a curse. I can slow down, but trying to build up the blog and my business without sacrificing time with kids, friends, and boyfriend means I am constantly on the go. And my house is messier than I would like. Oh well.


Vinny C January 29, 2012 at 8:20 pm

I’m as fascinated by the Japanese as they apparently are by that squirrel so I’d be taking pictures of them stooping down trying to gt that squirrel to pose.
Vinny C recently posted..Just Where Have You Been All Week… I Mean All Month… Or Is It 3 Months?My Profile


Naked Girl in a Dress January 30, 2012 at 9:09 am

The Boyfriend and I were running so I didn’t even have my cell phone. I desperately wanted to take a photo! It was absolutely bizarre. Living in the DC area, I see a lot of funny tourist moments. This was the funniest though.


Random Girl January 30, 2012 at 9:01 am

I like your approach with your BF and the blog, I agree it’s better to communicate the old fashioned way with those you care about most. I like that he is interested but not intrusive, that’s a good combo. On my way to check out Launching Mom now, sounds interesting.
Random Girl recently posted..A First Kiss – 20 years in the makingMy Profile


Naked Girl in a Dress January 30, 2012 at 9:04 am

It is different from other guys I have dated, but it is working for us. We talk a lot about what is happening on my blog, my stats, etc. He just wants it to be live conversations. I really do like this approach.


David January 30, 2012 at 8:53 pm

Thanks for sharing this. I don’t – and won’t share that I blog with my wife. ( it wouldn’t fit in the “life script” for her) but I do share my site with people that I estimate will “get me”. Enjoyed the piece. David
David recently posted..A Roseah By Any Other NameMy Profile


Naked Girl in a Dress January 31, 2012 at 8:33 am

I am intrigued by your secret blog, how you have kept it from your wife! Interesting.


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