Solid Relationship Advice: One Failure at a Time

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“What are your qualifications to be writing about relationships?”

This question was posed to me recently, which made me laugh. He was being serious and clearly critical of me with his intonation. He was even more displeased when I started laughing. With an undergraduate and masters in Psychology and a former university psychology professor, he wasn’t amused. Without hesitating I responded to his accusatory question with the following answer:

“I don’t have any. In fact, my success seems to stem from my own relationship failures.”

After having this discussion last week, I continued to ponder the question. Why am I resonating for people when I write about relationships? I write funny, self-deprecating pieces as well as parenting observations, but what is most popular are my thoughts and opinions on relationships. Even with only a body of work on the topic here, I was asked to be a monthly relationship writer for a site because he connected with my thoughts on the topic. I seem to be resonating for readers on that site as well.

As someone who is a keen observer of my surroundings, analytical, and introspective, I find myself processing and evaluating my experiences and those of others. Without any pretension, I humbly submit my thoughts on good and bad experiences as well as successes and failures in relationships. Everything I encounter and observe serves as a lesson to become a better person, more self-aware, and closer to being that naked girl in a dress.

There are times I pose a question without knowing the answer and other days I share solid advice from my own experiences. My life experiences guide my writing and for my ever-growing audience, it touches something in them to comment and visit again.

Just this week when promoting a post I wrote, I stated on social media sites I have resorted to taking relationship advice from a picture book written for 5-year-olds. As usual, the post did exceedingly well. It seems the more I admit I don’t know what I am doing, but share my musings on various relationship topics, the more you all love to read my blog.

As proof readers like when I share relationship musings and advice, here’s the list of top five most popular posts written the first half of the year; all are about relationships.

5 Most Popular Posts Written January to June 2012

Two Weeks on Love Relationships

How Do You Know if Someone is Really in Love with You

Opposites Initially Attract But Compatibility Lasts

On Battling a Scary Monster. And Winning.

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Ex

These five posts received such a significant number of page views, each is also on the list of 10 most popular posts I have written since starting this blog over two years ago. Sans psychology degree, something I have to say on the topic of relationships is connecting with my readers. I am glad my experiences and observations are serving many people as well.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and contributing to the dialog so far this year. I always believe the posts are improved with the comments and life experiences shared by readers.

So please keep reading, sharing, and commenting.

As always, I appreciate you all greatly.

Happy Reading!

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