Why I’m Going Commando

Guest Writer

Everyone understands divorce is a life-changing event. Some of us also believe there is an awakening that occurs, bringing with it an opportunity for endless possibilities. Jeanie Rule of SoloMama agrees with the more positive outlook on divorce, which is what brings me to her Facebook page and blog often; she simply inspires me. I believe, regardless of your life situation, she will inspire you, too. Please visit Jeanie after reading this thoughtful post on vulnerability.


There are about five hundred other topics I could have shared today but I’m sitting here, commando-style, and I think we should talk about that. My life is a bit of a challenge at the moment, which makes me feel quite vulnerable. There is nothing truly catastrophic about what I’m facing, but I have been challenged to look at some hard realities in my life. It’s not comfortable. I don’t really like it. It makes me want to run and hide and pretend that nothing bad is going on because… I don’t want to fess up to feeling vulnerable. So I’ve decided to go commando (emotionally speaking) and embrace my vulnerability. I no longer want it to consume me. I have better things to do with my time. Much like going commando (the fine art of going panty-less under your clothes), admitting my vulnerability – showing my soft underbelly – is scary and liberating and healing, all at the same time. These last few days of going commando have been quite a ride, but I’m grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned by having the courage to admit things aren’t so perfect right now. To date I’ve learned….

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