Custom Cookie Mix for the Gift-Giving Season

Gluten Free cookie mixThe holiday season is a wonderful time of year; decorating the house, gathering with special friends and family, making wonderful holiday-centric meals, attending fun parties, and baking are all things people look forward to between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Most people, that is.

For anyone living with Celiac disease, who is gluten-sensitive, has Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, or wheat allergies, baking isn’t something we get excited about this time of year. We have to pass on all the desserts, and are often too busy with the holiday season to bake gluten-free for ourselves.

Thankfully, Mason Jar Cookie Company has quick, easy, gluten-free options for those living without gluten in their diet. The company offers five different cookie mix bases, with one being a gluten-free option. So anyone, not just people who avoid gluten, will find this company a great discovery.

Ordering custom-made cookie mixes is fast, fun, and easy. You pick each layer of the cookie mix, with opportunities to make changes as you move through the process. Each of the 35 add-in ingredients is clearly marked as gluten free so that customizing a gluten-free gift is easy, too. The custom-made cookie jar is $19 on average, though price varies depending on which ingredients you choose.

gluten free cookie mixMason Jar Cookie Company sent me a jar to personally experience their product. It is a beautiful presentation; the jar comes in a container, and the packing of the ingredients and hang tag pull it all together. The gluten-free cookie mix I tried had two dried fruits included, which were clearly high-quality ingredients; they were plump, large pieces of dried fruit. Instructions provided make it an easy process to create, and the end result was delicious.

In addition to providing me with a jar to test out before writing about their cookie mix, Mason Jar Cookie Company also gave me a second one to share with someone in need in my community. After recently receiving a notice that families in my son’s elementary school were not able to receive assistance from the city, but are definitely in need, I decided to give the second jar to the collection at school so that another family will be able to enjoy home-baked cookies.¬†Thanks Mason Jar Cookie Company, for bringing a little more cheer to two families this year.

I highly recommend the quality cookie mixes, and will be ordering more in the near future. These are great gifts for teachers, hostesses, neighbors, or anyone on your list who enjoys cookies.

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