Restoring Our Faith

peace doveWhen a tragedy strikes, we, as a nation, grieve with the victims and their families. We feel touched by the heartbreaking accounts when the tragedy is a natural disaster, but so much more when the tragic event is caused by another human being. Loss is loss–no less significant if children are swept away by a surge of water than a gunman standing in an elementary school. But it touches us deeper, knowing the ability for one person to take the lives of so many. Whether it was at the hands of an evil, sadistic young man or one riddled with mental health issues remains to be revealed, but just knowing one person chose to destroy so many lives is unthinkable.

Reading the Facebook posts echoing the details, and a myriad of personal thoughts on the tragedy was more than I could bear; I had to take a break from Facebook. Returning today, I have decided to bring a positive, hope-filled post to the social media space. It is not going to bring lasting joy to all our hearts, erasing what still weighs heavy on our souls. I just hope the message today will help us begin to restore our faith in the good that exists in so many people. I believe there is much more good in this world than evil, but the small, kind acts often are not heavily reported in the news. Today I share a personal account, and 26 other inspiring acts of kindness.

Read and enjoy:

Last night Sean and I drove to a special home in Reston, Virginia. With his daughter in tow, we went to see this beautiful home.

Xmas house 1

Pulling up, the house was breathtaking. We sat in awe for a few minutes in the car before getting out to walk around. The lights and decorations were even more beautiful up close.

Coury house Christmas lightsI was overwhelmed with the Christmas spirit as I watched Sean’s daughter gleefully express her thoughts over what seemed magical to her last night. The details in the lights, Santa, the beautiful nativity scene, huge snowmen in a second story window, life-sized, realistic-looking carolers at the door, and artificial snow blowing. It’s a site to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. But then I saw something that brought tears to my eyes.

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