How to Keep a Relationship Fresh

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  1. TB at Blue Collar Workman:

    It’s a great idea. It’s amazing how fast things get “old.” It takes a lot of energy and willpower, but keeping things fun and fresh are really important. And it’s an energy that feeds on itself though, so that’s good. ONce you start showing the other person you care more by little surprises and stuff, it just makes things better and better!
    TB at Blue Collar Workman recently posted..A Career Change Puts You Back at the BottomMy Profile

  2. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    Showing the other you want to work at the relationship is one of the best things to start on a path to a long-term, happy relationship. I couldn’t agree more, TB!

  3. Charlotte:

    What an incredibly sweet story. I am inspired by couples that try to keep the relationship fresh in whatever ways they can after many years together. It’s when you need to spice things up the most.

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  4. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I was blessed to meet the couple that day. It’s amazing how long the impression of their marriage has stuck with me.

  5. Alice Koko:

    This is so sync! I just wrote about same subject last week! Just I did not have elderly sweethearts to give me hints,but my dog!
    Check it out here:

  6. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I am off to read!

  7. Alice Koko:

    Thank You :)

  8. Jester Queen:

    You DO realize that after the fact you have to give us at least the flavor of the event. DYING to know where you go!!

  9. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I will let you know once this starts. I couldn’t put it here because Sean reads my blog. :)

  10. Kimberly:

    Clearly, my dating days are few and far between…but back in the day, I used to peruse the paper for interesting things going on in town (usually on a budget) and make them the focal point of the date.
    Kimberly recently posted..We will not be silentMy Profile

  11. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I will have to start scouring the paper for ideas when mine dry up. I think we will end up doing more things I say I wish I had time for, but never follow through and actually do!

  12. Belle Vierge:

    This is such a sweet story! My boyfriend and I love going to science/children’s museums together. It’s definitely hard to keep a relationship fresh, especially since he and I are “medium-distance” (two hours apart), and I’m currently working two jobs (plus blogging is basically a third job). But we’ll skype while working on our respective hobbies, or we’ll skype while watching the same thing together on TV. We have a bucket list of dates, and we get excited each time we cross one off! I hope we can continue keeping things exciting as our relationship continues. :)
    Belle Vierge recently posted..Misbehaving and Making HistoryMy Profile

  13. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    It is hard to keep a relationship fresh, but taking the advice of wise, happily married people certainly can help!

  14. Joe:

    Inspiring, to say the least. I’m the luckiest man in the world, and I make sure [Maris] hears and/or sees that every day. Hopefully, we can be one of those cute so-in-love elderly couples, some day. Probably soon, actually!
    Joe recently posted..The Story Of Balloonpopper Chillingsworth, As Told By All-but-Dissertation Tucker DummychuckMy Profile

  15. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I just know you and Maris will be, Joe!

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