On Being a Grown-Up

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  1. lisa thomson-The Great Escape...:

    Great post, Kelly! It’s great to see Naked Girl back in action. I love no one telling me what to do or what to eat…I love that I write as much as I can but I don’t like that many people don’t ‘get it’.
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  2. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    The fact we have so many choices as adults should lead to a view that being a grown-up is great, but doesn’t always. I have to say, even in the midst of the divorce process when I hit so many lows, I still liked my freedom and found joy. Albeit, sometimes fleeting joy.

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  3. Vinny C:

    I have to remind myself to enjoy the simpler things & not get completely bogged down by life.

    I think, somewhere along the way, we forget why we looked forward to being adults in the first place. We get so caught up in the whole rat-race of working to pay bills, stave off debt & be productive members of society that we end up seeing that as the primary focus of adulthood.

    There are a lot of people out there who genuinely don’t want to be some clerical [insert job title here] but see it as the only choice to avoid being without food, shelter, etc. That kind of life can get really empty & depressing really fast.
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  4. Naked Girl in a Dress:

    I agree with you completely, Vinny. It’s tough when we are in a job or relationship that isn’t right for us, but hopefully we can be mindful of everything else in our lives so that what might not be perfect in the moment doesn’t completely define us. I needed to think this way as I was navigating my divorce.

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