Blogs to Bookmark

Writing this week about creating a new life, focusing on the positive experiences in life, and sharing my love of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love, Married with Luggage became the perfect blog to share for Blogs to Bookmark this week. Betsy and Warren Talbot’s plan to travel around the world for 3 years began […]


It may seem as if only naked bloggers are reviewed for Blogs to Bookmark, but I assure you there is a fully-clothed blogger being reviewed next Thursday. The Naked Soul has been on my list to review since I started this weekly review. This blog worked as a perfect blog to review this week with […]


Maybe I have a soft spot for naked bloggers, but I have fallen in love with blogger Grace Adams of  Looks Great Naked. We have eerily similar situations regarding our divorce woes; share identical misconceptions on the need to portray perfection (pre-split, that is); possess the same outlook on life as a result of said […]


Last week I announced I would begin writing about the bloggers I follow. The series is called Blogs to Bookmark and there is now a Category dedicated to blog reviews. I will be sharing talented writers who will inspire you, move you, make you laugh, help you, make you think, or maybe even anger you […]