Naked Girl Reads

I read year round, but there’s an undeniable itch to dive into a pile of books at the start of summer. Why I want to read more in summer than any other time of the year is something I have contemplated. There are other times in the year I think of great reading opportunities. For […]


Last week I wrote a piece focusing on storybooks and relationships, complaining essential lessons about love are not in these books. I then discovered a storybook last weekend that does teach a wonderful lesson to children. A lesson I just learned at 43. Two special little girls in my life have a book called Claire […]


 Today is the big day. It’s the day I have been waiting patiently for since The Bloggess wrote on her blog she had a book deal. Today The Bloggess’ book is available for sale:  Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir). But this day is even more exciting because I have an exclusive […]


At some point in the separation and divorce process I started to search for answers. Not about the past, but about my future. I wanted to feel ready and capable to be in a loving relationship. I wasn’t sure I would remarry or that I would find a partner to spend the rest of my […]


Eat, Pray, Love is a memoir about a year in Elizabeth Gilbert’s life following her divorce. It is a search to find herself so that she can find balance in her life. This balance will open up for Ms. Gilbert peace, happiness, joy, and freedom. At the time Eat, Pray, Love was published, my life […]