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Sean and I have a busy life with work, five kids between us, a new home to decorate, and a wedding to plan. So last weekend when Sean brought up we should be Christmas shopping now to keep holiday craziness to a minimum, I immediately wondered how we would find the time. I have never […]


For a majority of parents, this is the month kids go back to school. With that comes PTA meetings, school fundraisers, and team sports. There are countless ways to raise money for organizations, but one of the easiest has to be TeeSpring. Take 10 minutes to design a shirt on their website, share a link […]


If you are getting ready for summer, it’s your lucky day. Why, you might ask? By visiting my site, you have stumbled upon an opportunity to win a Verseo eGlide electrolysis hair removal roller and RollerCell2 cellulite massager. This means a chance for no more shaving or waxing, and smoother looking legs. FREE. The company […]


Have you heard of Sverve yet? It’s a place for female social media enthusiasts with blogs to come together to share tips and articles they love, help each other build greater social influence, increase blog readership, and connect easily with brands for sponsorships and affiliate opportunities. It’s fun, educational, and profitable for any female blogger. In […]


It’s a big moment: a first step for a baby, a child catching a pop fly to end the game, sharing a romantic dinner with the special person in your life, or one of countless moments we want to capture. Most of us preserve the moment, not with our D-SLR cameras, but with the camera […]


A New Chapter in Life

February 27, 2013

in Mixed Bag

There are many benefits to writing on a blog. One is the opportunity to clearly see the past as it was in the moment–not a revisionist’s version of it. I am able to look back to read what I was doing, how I was feeling, remember my greatest fears and biggest frustrations. Last night was one […]