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“The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” ~Ben Franklin This quote was the opening for a documentary entitled Happy that I recently watched, and it was the premise of the film. It was a fascinating look at what is the most sought after emotion. Some […]


The holiday season is a wonderful time of year; decorating the house, gathering with special friends and family, making wonderful holiday-centric meals, attending fun parties, and baking are all things people look forward to between Thanksgiving and New Years. Most people, that is. For anyone living with Celiac disease, who is gluten-sensitive, has Non-Celiac Gluten […]


With company parties, family get-togethers, neighborhood gatherings, and big holiday soirees, this is the time of year we all have more opportunities to dress up and look our best. Thankfully, Folica knows our hair is an important accessory. The online hair product site has over 6,000 products, more than 300 brands, over 70,000 customer ratings and […]


NaBloPoMo is Crazy Talk

November 1, 2012

in Mixed Bag

I am crazy. ALL CAP, italic, and bold kind of CRAZY.  It would be crazy to commit to National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo), writing a blog post each day for the entire month of November. With laundry always getting the best of me, a house that always has a home repair project waiting to be […]


It’s understandable for readers to take vacations, spend time at the pool, and drink a lot of fruity drinks with umbrellas throughout the summer. Maybe some finally decided to read the Shades of Grey series–hopefully on the Kindle so no one knew the book being devoured at the baby pool was mommy porn. With the […]


It’s still summer. If you are like me, that means you are barefoot as often as possible. And, when wearing shoes, they are flip flops or comfortable sandals. For examples, here’s a shot of my happy, shoeless feet enjoying the cool river water running over them on vacation last week: But sadly, the end of […]