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When I was in the throes of figuring out the online dating scene several years ago, I remember speaking to a neighbor who was also trying to navigate the various sites. She too was overwhelmed with the online dating process. The neighbor declared, “I just want someone who, at the end of a hectic day, […]


As we travel through life, are we learning any lessons along the way? ~~~~~~~~~~ The following list was compiled, not by a 90-year-old as the title suggests, but a 45-year-old-woman. The author expanded her lessons learned at 50 by adding an additional five. After reading through these valuable life lessons, read the story (and attribution […]


Beginning to fade from the extended exposure to sunlight was a child’s artwork project on my friend’s refrigerator. Her daughter was asked to fill in the blank inside a heart glued to pink construction paper. It simply read: “Love is…” Here was her response: “Love is happiness in your heart.” How simple, yet accurate. Children […]


“Do you expect to find someone who will be in precisely the same place emotionally as you throughout the relationship?” Pushing him away, trying to slow him down with the relationship seemed ridiculous once he asked the question. I can’t control what another feels or how soon he arrives at the emotion. I didn’t want […]


I typically stalk a blogger for awhile, enjoying his/her writing, and then reach out to guest write here. Today’s writer, My Honest Answer, was a completely different scenario. The writer (he/she is anonymous) left a comment on my blog. I followed the link and, well, fell in love with the excellent advice being given and […]