Are there any blogs you visit and consistently find yourself laughing? Hollow Tree Ventures is a perfect example of a site where you will enjoy the writing and are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. The talent behind the blog is Robyn, the multi-talented mother of five kids. I am so grateful […]


The smart, sassy, tell-it-like-it-is Melysa Schmitt is guest writer today. She writes about her single mom experiences and dating adventures on her site Sex, Lies, and Bacon. I met Melysa through Single Edition Media, an agency representing single lifestyle bloggers. I have fallen in love with her writing and have enjoyed getting to know Melysa […]


Today’s guest, Nancy Davis Kho, is unapologetic about her obsession with music and concerts as an adult. Midlife Mixtape is where she shares it all: music, motherhood, modern life, and memories. Nancy’s taste in music is eclectic and often edgy. It’s a great place to hang out and find a new favorite tune. Nancy is […]


Today’s guest writer is Leah Carey of The Miracle Journal. She is someone who, no matter how insignificant the contact (e.g., comment of a Facebook post), she makes you feel happy. It’s nothing directed at the person coming in contact with her, but rather her over-abundant amount of grace, inner peace, and happiness. It’s not […]


Today’s guest writer is Jonah Gibson of Days of Living Aimlessly. He is retired, living life now as an artist and home repairman, as you will read below. He is someone I am connected with in various ways (S30P, Facebook, our blogs), always appreciating our interactions. Once you read his piece here, head over to […]


Today’s guest is a special friend: David from The Blue Orchid of Texas. We visit each other’s blogs and enjoy interacting on Studio30 Plus. David always leaves wonderfully insightful and often funny comments here and I love our interactions elsewhere. Anyone who has spent 60 seconds on David’s blog knows he loves women. But if […]