Today’s guest writer is Nicole DeFelice. She is a talented writer and professional editor. Her articles about editing in the Studio30 Plus Community Blog are always popular. Nicole’s writing on her own blog, Disturb the Universe, is a unique collection of stories about philosophy and life. But what I like most about this multi-talented woman […]


Nothing pleases me more than hosting someone who has recently come out as a blogger. Last month I hosted Marie Nicole, who used to blog under the pen name Nikki Rules. The latest guest writer reveling in her nakedness is Aimee (formerly Deus Ex Machina) from Goddess in the Machine. She is a talented, prolific writer. […]


On Claims and Karma

June 14, 2012

in Guests

Guest writers for Naked Girl in a Dress are planned at least a month in advance, but the writing schedule for my own posts is much closer to the published dates. That means the guest writers during the current series were chosen before I plotted out the posts I would be writing. Last week we […]


 Monday I started a several week series. I will be writing about my reflections on a variety of more serious topics. While I am working on these posts, I can’t leave my readers without some humor. So to lighten things up around here, I have Brandon from My Own Private Idaho as guest writer today. […]


The fascinating Marie Nicole from My Cyber House Rules is guest writer today. Fascinating because she traveled ten months a year as a race car mechanic. Marie then focused on roller derby. Now she lives and sails full time with her husband on their boat. And that’s just the beginning to what makes Marie unique. […]


Today’s guest writer is Brahm from alfred lives here. Full disclosure: I fell in love with Alfred, the adorable dog-child of Brahm, first. It was inevitable that I would also fall for the writer though. He is a talented writer and a great guy. Funny is an understatement in describing him too. After you read […]