Naked Girl Wraps Up

The Sunday wrap-up is finally being published on Wednesday; that should be a good indicator of my week so far. It would be an understatement to say I have been busy, but everything contributing to the craziness is all good. In addition to taking over Studio30 Plus, I am preparing my new office. I am […]


Last night at dinner The Boyfriend and I talked about the Love & Relationship series. I shared with him that I am happy the series has been well-recieved, but what is most pleasing for me is the change in my thoughts and writing about love this year compared to one year ago. While I had […]


Some weeks the wrap-up ties together beautifully; a theme emerges as I write. I love when that happens; this wasn’t one of those weeks though. I have been staring at the screen, wondering how these random wrap-up sections tie together. Here’s my idea about writing: if you stare at the screen long enough, it will […]


Longtime readers know I have a blogging crush on Darren Rowse. I have written about this several times, with the first mention of my obsession interest in Darren only one month into blogging. He has tweeted twice about reading my blog, which of course were great blogging moments for me (let’s not talk about the […]


Hemingway: I love his writing and his evocative descriptions of the writing process. Ask any writer whether there is truth in these quotes. “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”  Here’s another favorite Hemingway quote of mine: “Write drunk; edit sober.” And another: “The first draft […]


Happiness, screenplay writing, stalking bloggers, love stories, Twitter, Oxford commas, and pomegranates. That sentence includes an Oxford comma and is a wrap-up of my wrap-up this week. Grab a cup of coffee, read my post, and follow the links for more great reading. There’s another Oxford comma! I will stop now; enjoy the post this […]