Life can be simultaneously joyous and challenging. It is something I recognize daily with our family life right now. It is probably inaccurate calling what we are living ‘family life.’ It would be more precise to call it ‘baseball life.’ Family life is having leisurely dinners together each night followed by a movie, trip for […]


While other young kids were having Pat the Bunny read to them by their mothers, I was teaching my kids bad words. I felt it was important to learn them, but more essential, learn not to use them. The first two they learned were the “h-word” and “s-word.” But the words I am alluding to are not what […]


My guest today is Katie Sluiter from Sluiter Nation. It’s probably best to start by saying Katie is awesome and inspiring. She is a great writer, positive person, all over the internet, and fun. Oh, and she is a mom to two, with the most recent addition joining the family in March. Of course Katie […]


As I was upstairs getting ready to leave for baseball practice yesterday, I heard a commotion on the first floor. There was yelling, door slamming, and  sobbing. As I started down the stairs I saw my daughter with her face scrunched up in an evil look and my son, suited up for practice, sitting on […]


Dinnertime is now fun in our family. For many reasons it was a time of day I dreaded when I was married, which is why it was one of the first things I took control of and reshaped when my ex and I separated. We now talk about upcoming events and plans we would like to […]


I consider myself a fun mom. I am the first to wear my pj’s inside out to encourage snow (what, you haven’t heard about this trick?) the next day and one of the few moms who squeals when school is canceled. I enjoy a wide range of activities with the kids: playing games, baking, sledding, […]