Family Rules

February 21, 2012

in Parenting

We have a canvas wall hanging in our home with a listing of our family rules. It has become a go-to place in the house to remember what the expectations are, not just at home, but how we are each expected to conduct ourselves in our lives. It is simple, but perfect for us. Family […]


It is unclear to me why I am trying to get an eight-year-old boy to put a cloth napkin in his lap each night, but I am. It sits under his knife, on the table, where he thinks it belongs. During this nightly struggle, there is always a question posed: Me: “When is that napkin […]


Good thoughts. It is that simple. Or so my son told me recently. As we were driving, out of nowhere, my son announced: “Good thoughts make good things happen.” It’s simple, but also true. I have written often about seeking the positive in challenging situations and that our perspective guides our own happiness. We shape […]


It’s 2011. Women run for offices as high as President of the United States. Women run Fortune 500 companies. Women are Supreme Court Justices. It is sad, with the various important contributions that women make in society, to recognize there is still a mentality to hold girls back from achieving all they can be academically […]


Summer Days

June 9, 2011

in Parenting

“Who wants to spend the first week of summer sitting inside (and spending large amounts of money) working on dismantling a marriage? My guess is no one.” And so started the first post of summer on this blog last year. Last summer I did my best to create special memories with the kids while navigating […]


The kids have only been in school one day this week because of snow in the DC area. It has been a fun week of sledding, hot cocoa, cookie baking, games, Lego building, snowmen, constant fires, and more. Lazy mornings this week were the best part of our days. I was not rushed getting backpacks […]