The smart, sassy, tell-it-like-it-is Melysa Schmitt is guest writer today. She writes about her single mom experiences and dating adventures on her site Sex, Lies, and Bacon. I met Melysa through Single Edition Media, an agency representing single lifestyle bloggers. I have fallen in love with her writing and have enjoyed getting to know Melysa […]


Charlotte from My Pixie Blog is the guest writer today. She is a fun, talented, upbeat person who always seems to brighten my day. I know Charlotte through her blog, volunteer work for Studio30 Plus, and involvement with Single Edition Media so we “bump” into each other almost daily. Charlotte’s writing about love and relationships […]


Lying naked on the examination table with a paper gown covering very little, I waited. After a few minutes of staring at a wildlife picture taped to the ceiling, the doctor breezed in with a nurse by her side, ready to complete my annual gynecological exam. As she started the exam, she initiated a conversation […]


Ben from Dad of the Decade is a versatile, brilliant writer. He is currently writing the poignant story of his life with his daughter Emma. Ben has regularly been bringing his readers (me included) to tears with each beautifully-written installment. With Ben writing on such a serious subject right now, it was with a little […]


I have been considering taking a big step: to marry again. I stand by all the reasons why I hesitate in remarrying, but there is an overriding need for a husband that I just can’t quiet within me any longer. This will come as a shock to many, including The Boyfriend, that I am even […]


Just as I have each morning for the last 29 months, today I woke up married, but estranged from my husband. My divorce hearing was today so tomorrow I will wake up single for the first time in almost 21 years. This 29 month journey has felt hopeless, frustrating, overwhelming, and impossible at times. I […]