While Perched upon my Soapbox

Yesterday as I was perusing the internet looking for a story idea for Sprocket Ink today, I came across interesting information regarding Anthony Weiner (shocker, huh?). Apparently a dating site is offering Weiner $50,000 to use the infamous crotch shot and have him serve as spokesman for their website. As a blogger who tweets, posts […]


Dear Motorist, Last week there was unseasonably warm weather for the DC area so I decided to go cycling. I was reminded from my first experience  on the road this season that I should write you to give you some unsolicited advice. Maybe this is rude of me, but I would like to survive my […]


Writing, like relationships, can turn unexpectedly. I can have a plan and be hopeful of the results, but it could end in a way that I have not anticipated. Today I had a wonderful, hope-filled post about finding love and keeping it alive. But after a 20-year marriage that ended, and a complete train-wreck of […]


Last Wednesday was Parent’s Day at my son’s all-boys camp. On Parent’s Day we have the opportunity to attend camp with our kids for half the day. When we moved from Arts & Crafts to Archery, the boys became really excited. We were able to watch the boys shoot first and then our sons would teach […]