April 2010

The Joys of Motherhood

April 27, 2010

in Parenting

There are moments when I wonder WHY I brought these two monsters children into this world. We all have those moments and it is usually when my two kids are alternating between instigating a fight and tattling on the other. Or something like that. Fortunately, there are many more joyful times and I feel lucky […]

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If you ┬áread my last post and think the fact that two men in the last two years wrecked me emotionally the day before a race was lost on me, it was not. I was able to immediately make the connection last weekend and quickly alter my pre-race checklist to look like this: 1-Check weather […]

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Writing a first blog post (to me, at least) must be like writing a first sentence in a novel. It is overwhelming to create that starting point, with the options being endless. I have mentally written this post while running, mapped it out on napkins, and written ideas in a writing log. Composing it now, […]

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