July 2010

In case you didn’t get the memo, I am the Nostradamus of the 21st century. Not only did I predict the Battle of Armageddon is nearing, but I also announced the location for this epic battle: Maryland. Yes people, I live at ground zero. The TV Challenge wrapped up this week. We survived! Alex from […]


Last winter we all laughed (ok, maybe only some of us laughed) about Snowmageddon. Everyone living in the DC area was hit with a huge snowstorm in December followed by two back-to-back blizzards a couple of months later. Winter 2009-2010 was the “snowiest winter on record.” The constant dump of snow through winter has been […]


Lately I have been thinking about my unconventional view on the benefits of being a mom. The items on my favorite-reasons-for-being-a-mom list shift in level of importance, but the list essentially stays the same. I might be unconventional in my thoughts on being a mom, but at least I am consistent. The reason for my […]


Wednesday I wrote about feeling grateful in the face of a challenge. Readers left wonderful comments with examples of gratitude they felt as a result of a challenge. It was very inspiring to read. Thank you to all who shared. What about when there is no great challenge? How is it possible that gratitude can […]


There has been a lot going on in the blogging world this week. There was a huge anniversary party in my honor; ┬áthis week is the equivalent of Oscar week for bloggers; and the TV Challenge continues to torture me (and others crazy enough to follow Alex). The anniversary party on Monday was fabulous. Mel […]


Gratitude: to possess this quality makes life richer. Yet there are times in life when a personal challenge makes feeling grateful difficult. When struggling, it is easy to become consumed with negativity. However, being grateful in the midst of a challenge is possible. It is even possible to identify and be grateful for something positive […]