July 2010

Mel Gibson and Lindsey Lohan discussions need to be put on hold today. It is a huge day for Naked Girl in a Dress and press coverage needs to shift to ME for the next 24 hours. One month ago today I went public with this site. In honor of this momentous occasion everyone should […]


Darren Rowse from ProBlogger recently posted a writing challenge for bloggers. In case you live under a rock or are not a blogger, Darren is a ROCK STAR in the blogging world. Once I decided to start a blog, I bought his book and subscribed to his blog. I probably read content from his site […]


Click HERE to learn more about Song of the Week. Getting a divorce sucks. I cannot think of a more eloquent way to state this fact. We have resolved all but two issues to finalize this divorce. However, discussions are getting hot, inflammatory words are being used, and I am getting really angry. I am […]


The TV Challenge continues whether I like it or not. Click HERE to read about the start of the TV Challenge and HERE to find out what happened in week 1. What was I thinking when I decided limiting TV for the entire month of July would be a fun idea? I work part-time, am […]


Last month I raced in the Annapolis Zooma Half Marathon. It was an incredibly hot and humid day. My training leading up to the race was not what I would have liked and the race conditions were not optimal. It required me to dig deep, but I didn’t allow myself  the option of quitting. Mile […]


A week ago today I decided to accept the TV Challenge from Alex at Late Enough. I thought it would be easy because we don’t watch much TV. What I realized in the first week is that, if you count baseball, we do watch TV regularly. I also now recognize my son needs a 12 […]