August 2010

Better Days

August 27, 2010

in Song of the Week

Better days. I am on the edge of a new life. Attraversiamo. I am ready to cross over. The universe is opening up to meet me. I am laughing. I am enjoying life. I am moving forward. Song of the Week: Eddie Vedder’s Better Days from the Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack: Better days. My wish […]


Eat, Pray, Love is a memoir about a year in Elizabeth Gilbert’s life following her divorce. It is a search to find herself so that she can find balance in her life. This balance will open up for Ms. Gilbert peace, happiness, joy, and freedom. At the time Eat, Pray, Love was published, my life […]


My first anniversary gift was an eight inch Henckel knife. I remember my soon-to-be ex laughing, telling me it wasn’t a good idea to buy your new wife a knife for your first anniversary. “Don’t you want something else?” he asked. I explained that I really wanted the knife so he bought it for me. […]


Today I feel exactly as I did on December 11, 2009: day 364 of the separation. On that day I was filled with dread and anxiety as the one-year mark for the separation approached. I wanted the day to come and go as quickly as possible. Tomorrow is another big day looming in my future.┬áThe […]


This morning I realized the two month anniversary of going public with Naked Girl in a Dress was this week. The one month anniversary was big. Really big. The party was fun, the huge increase in traffic was great, and I loved having Darren Rowse visit my site. This morning I thought about what I […]


Yesterday a few people in my life disappointed me. The more I thought about the situations that had occurred, the more I became upset. By dinnertime my frustration level was high and I found myself feeling disappointed, but also angry.┬áThe kids and I had a fun evening planned and I was concerned my mood was […]