August 2010

Corbett Barr from Think Traffic  and Free Pursuits recently wrote a post to allow his readers to really get to know him. Corbett wrote the piece to strengthen his voice because he felt he had been presenting a watered-down version of himself to readers. When thinking over the weekend about being more authentic on this […]


Last Friday I assessed my progress (or lack thereof) to be a naked girl in a dress. Over the weekend I thought about what it meant to be naked, to be authentic. I also spent some time on Grace’s blog Looks Great Naked because she is ahead of me on this journey of rediscovery. What […]


With this blog I have tried so hard to be happy. There has been a valiant attempt to focus on embracing the good that has come from the break up of my marriage. I share lists of blessings I feel grateful to have in my life as a result of this upcoming divorce. I try […]


Maybe I have a soft spot for naked bloggers, but I have fallen in love with blogger Grace Adams of  Looks Great Naked. We have eerily similar situations regarding our divorce woes; share identical misconceptions on the need to portray perfection (pre-split, that is); possess the same outlook on life as a result of said […]


Separation and divorce create many challenges. Financial, work/life balance, and solo parenting are a few examples. Aside from the obvious challenges, there are fears that develop as a result of this big life change. By facing these challenges and fears, there is the ability to develop or strengthen courage. In the past 20 months of […]


  Yesterday my mom asked me what the Song of the Week would be this week. For the first time since starting this Friday routine, I really didn’t know what to share. I usually have the theme for the week worked out by Wednesday evening, but not this week. I explained to my mother that it […]