September 2010

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” This was the request of  Unknown Mami, the host of Sundays in My City. Mami’s link-up each Sunday is a request to post images taken over the weekend. She encourages everyone to get outside with a camera and explore your city, suburb, or backyard. I hope you […]


For the Song of the Week I have chosen a Jack Johnson song. The guy sings songs about banana pancakes and bubble toes. He also surfs and plays the ukulele. Who could be better to help me ease into a fun, relaxing weekend? After a hectic week I plan to enjoy the weekend with friends, […]


Last week Naked Girl in a Dress hit the three month anniversary milestone. This may seem like a short amount of time, but it feels like a long time for me, the writer. Also, many blogs are launched and die in a lot less time. So to me, there is something to celebrate with each […]


For Song of the Week this week, I have chosen Coldplay’s song Fix You. I chose this song because I spent a great deal of my adult life trying to fix someone who was broken. I did this without realizing I had become sick from this, that I was miserable, that all my relationships suffered […]


As a single mom working part-time, managing a blog, writing freelance for other publications, and starting school next week, I love any blogger who will make me feel better about not leading a perfectly balanced life. Alana Morales of Domestically Challenged rescued me from thinking Martha Stewart should be a role model. Thank you Alana! As […]


My name is Kelly and I am an addict. A coke addict. Not the snorting addiction, the sipping one. I am powerless over Diet Coke. And I need an intervention. The only time I had control over this addiction is when I stopped drinking all caffeinated drinks. I was able to remain caffeine free for […]