October 2010

Oh, how I love an underdog. Which creates a big dilemma for me as I watch the American League Championship series. I love the Yankees, but I love an underdog more. I simply have to root for the Rangers, which means my son might stop speaking to me. Who wants to watch Yankees vs. Phillies […]


We give our children many gifts in their lifetime, but what will we give them that will be with them forever? Definitely not the newest Wii game or Barbie house. These gifts will be broken or lost a few years after receiving them. These material possessions will most likely be forgotten over time. The gifts […]


Unknown Mami encourages us to “travel the world together.” Each Sunday she invites bloggers to show photos of their communities and link up to her blog. I have enjoyed participating the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy the photos as I share my activities with you. In the last week I made a trip […]


In addition to writing for my blog, I am also a contributing writer for Blissfully Domestic, an online magazine. Today my first article appears in this online publication. I enjoyed writing a parenting article, working with my editor, and seeing my article go live. Self-Esteem Building Activities for Girls is the title of the first […]


Sundays in my City

October 3, 2010

in Mixed Bag

Either fall allergies are getting the best of me or I have a cold. Either way, I am congested and cranky. This also means I didn’t venture far to shoot photos over the weekend. Hope you enjoy what I have to share.