March 2011

Balance Sometimes I work incredibly hard to try to keep it, but fail miserably. This isn’t a week that I have failed; it’s only Wednesday so I can’t make that assessment of myself. And it is harsh to say I have failed, of course. I try not to use the F-word too often. This has […]


Last week I wrote a Sunday post, announcing a contest; the reader who could help me come up with the title of my new weekly wrap-up would be featured here today. There were lots of great ideas left in the comment section and tweeted to me. Thank you to everyone who participated! Ginger from Ramble […]


This weekend (Friday through Sunday) includes an estimate for new carpeting, lunch with a girlfriend, a chiropractor’s appointment, cycling, running, a fun date, lunch with a group of friends, two home improvement projects, writing, homework for school, a work project, and baseball practice for Monkey. This is my weekend without the kids and, 27 months […]


Who did you want to be, when playing pretend with your friends? Was it the Bionic Woman or the Six Million Dollar Man? How many desperately wanted to be Wonder Woman, with the awesome bullet-deflecting cuff bracelets? Did you fight with friends over which A Team character you would play? My after-school adventures, when I […]


Writing my 100th post on Naked Girl’s 11 month anniversary last Friday sparked a few days of contemplation. Looking back at where I was in my life when I published my first post and what my life looks like today, it truly amazes me. Just 30 days shy of a year, I have become stronger, […]


Today I begin a new Sunday tradition. Each week I will wrap up other sites where my writing appears as well as writing I discovered and enjoyed. If you are thinking this is a brilliant idea, I get no credit. I am copying The Bloggess’ “Shit I Did when I wasn’t Here.” Well, except there […]