March 2011

All bloggers, on some level, are narcissists. We think readers care about what we made for dinner, how potty training is coming along with Junior, and each major event that happens in our lives. Some are more narcissistic than others, but we all have a small part of it inside us. Otherwise we wouldn’t share […]


Yesterday I wrote anything is possible in life and that, over two years after my separation, life doesn’t look like I could have ever anticipated. And I love that. There are so many first-time experiences still to discover in life, even at the age of 41. It’s part of what makes life exciting. One of […]


Childhood dreams. What first comes to mind when you read these two words? Do you think about your hope of becoming a vet or astronaut? Does an image of you in a superhero cape bring back a happy memory, remembering those days when it felt like anything was possible? What has been on my mind […]


Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate achievements of women around the world, and about recognizing women’s rights and empowerment. So many women came before us to pave the way for greater opportunites and freedom for all women. It is a day to pause and reflect with gratitude […]


In the last two weeks I have been able to arrange special “mom dates” with each child. Recently Princess Daisy and I went out to lunch and to shop for spring clothes. This weekend Monkey and I are planning to build Legos, work on an art project, and have dinner out. Having special one-on-one time […]


Why I Blog

March 3, 2011

in Mixed Bag

Why do we blog? Do we write to entertain our readers, chronicle our lives, inform the masses, connect with a community, make money, or get published? I believe there are many reasons we blog, but there is one defining commonality among us all: We blog because we love it. Good writing is essential, but just one […]