June 2011

This week I have been busy preparing for an invasion. No, Judgement Day is not coming soon; it is still scheduled for October 21st. This has nothing to do with zombies or aliens either. This invasion is about writers taking over my blog. I have nurtured and cared for my baby blog for over a […]


A writing assignment was suggested to me yesterday. Actually, I was told I was to write a post containing information regarding a shuffleboard rematch that took place last Friday night. Mr. Thunderbolt thought it was not fair to conveniently ignore the events of Friday night when somewhere in my writing this quote appeared recently: “…heading […]


Earlier this year I wrote about trying to find the right time to introduce someone I am dating to my blog. Conversely, when is the right time to introduce a guy to my readers? After one or two dates is inappropriate; it is too early. I don’t think waiting until love has been professed or […]


Yesterday as I was perusing the internet looking for a story idea for Sprocket Ink today, I came across interesting information regarding Anthony Weiner (shocker, huh?). Apparently a dating site is offering Weiner $50,000 to use the infamous crotch shot and have him serve as spokesman for their website. As a blogger who tweets, posts […]


Summer Days

June 9, 2011

in Parenting

“Who wants to spend the first week of summer sitting inside (and spending large amounts of money) working on dismantling a marriage? My guess is no one.” And so started the first post of summer on this blog last year. Last summer I did my best to create special memories with the kids while navigating […]


This week I have felt every emotion possible as a result of finalizing my divorce. It has been a hard week, but by last night I felt more like myself. I was relaxed and at peace, gathered together with a small group of friends. The friend hosting last night presented me with a cake. There […]