June 2011

A lot happened this first week of summer, which I will be writing about soon. For now I can tell you Princess Daisy was in sleep-away camp for the first time; Monkey and I spent a lot of special time together; Mr. Thunderbolt and I had a wonderful evening together*; and this weekend has been […]


This week I have been busy preparing for an invasion. No, Judgement Day is not coming soon; it is still scheduled for October 21st. This has nothing to do with zombies or aliens either. This invasion is about writers taking over my blog. I have nurtured and cared for my baby blog for over a […]


A writing assignment was suggested to me yesterday. Actually, I was told I was to write a post containing information regarding a shuffleboard rematch that took place last Friday night. Mr. Thunderbolt thought it was not fair to conveniently ignore the events of Friday night when somewhere in my writing this quote appeared recently: “…heading […]


Earlier this year I wrote about trying to find the right time to introduce someone I am dating to my blog. Conversely, when is the right time to introduce a guy to my readers? After one or two dates is inappropriate; it is too early. I don’t think waiting until love has been professed or […]


This morning I spent time reaching out to several dads I know. I sent Father’s Day wishes to my ex-husband, boyfriend, and several guy friends. Two are married, a few separated, and several are divorced. Each one has a different parenting situation as a result of marital status, but what all of these men have […]


So I think there is a general consensus that Anthony Weiner is, to use a word Monkey made up, a “skunk-bag.” If you think he is a wonderful guy who deserves to stay in office, just skip over my Weiner post links so we can keep our great writer-reader relationship going. No need to link […]