July 2011

A Wrap-Up of My Writing This Week With the debt crisis our nation is dealing with, I offered up a scenario: How President Trump Could Fix the Debt Crisis. Before you start writing me hate mail, go read the post. It is the typical Sprocket Ink snark, but will also make you think about what […]


Today I find myself writing because of the recent guest post on Naked Girl by Kir of The Kir Corner. She wrote here Wednesday about finding balance. Kir shared her thoughts on how to have some level of privacy and yet still be the Naked Girl in a Dress on her blog. It reminded me […]


This week’s guest writer is Kir of The Kir Corner. She is enthusiastic, happy, and passionate about writing. I love to receive comments from her and smile at her tweets to me because Kir is someone bubbling with positive energy. The tagline on her blog is: “Where Love, Life, and Infertility meet…Parenthood.” Kir writes about […]


The heat is oppressive in the D.C. area right now. My exercise routine has been limited to swimming as a result. Each swim I compose a post in my head, quickly scribble down notes when I return home, and then pick up my camera. With my final photography portfolio due in 29 days, styling, shooting, […]


It’s 200 degrees in Washington, D.C. right now. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Seriously, it was probably 90 degrees last night when I walked Lucky at 10 p.m. I blame David Kaa for our ridiculous weather. The guy relocated to the area from Phoenix in the spring and he brought his […]


This week’s guest writer is David Kaa of The Manwife Chronicles. Why does he call himself the manwife? Because he has been unemployed and home taking care of his kids so long that he says he is now growing a uterus. His tales of domestic life are funny as is his video series of his […]