July 2011

There are a plethora of dating sites, local singles clubs, matchmaker services, and self-help books on how to choose the right man (or woman). Sites claim to have success in matching partners based upon various personality or psychological questionnaires. Does any of this actually work in finding the perfect partner? If so, why is the […]


Doubt It creeps in and takes hold. Doubt affects our ability to succeed. It can cloud our decisions. If left unchecked, doubt can lead to panic, anxiety, or paralysis. Lately, I have been battling this debilitating feeling. Monday I start the final eight-week session for photography school.  The class I am most worried about: Portfolio. […]


A New Dad Adventure

July 6, 2011

in Guests

The first guest post of the summer is Brandon Duncan of Brandon the Duncan. Brandon’s tagline is Daddydom in 4L (Living, Learning, Laughing & Loving it!). He’s a great writer and a positive person. He provides inspiration for parenting on his great site. Read what he shared here today and then go read more from […]


A Good Life

July 2, 2011

in Song of the Week

These first few weeks of summer have been filled with golf, dinners with friends, playing with the kids at the pool, watching baseball, running, swimming, movies, playing games, and more. Conversely, last summer I was financially stressed, emotionally drained, in a dead-end relationship, and negotiating divorce details. I did my best to create a fun summer […]