August 2011

This week’s guest writer is Lisa from Random Girl. It touched me to read her opening where she described me as an inspiration, cheerleader, and a friend. Lisa has been all of these things for me as well and I am grateful for our friendship. These last several months of school it has been difficult […]


We survived an earthquake and hurricane in a five day period. Of course we know bad things happen in threes so I am starting to prepare for a tornado this week. I did consider keeping the kids home from school today so they could dig a tornado shelter, but decided against this; it is a […]


  This week’s guest writer is Jimmy of Founding a Father. He is funny and creative. And, from reading what he writes, it is clear he is a great dad and husband. I first “met” Jimmy through Studio30 Plus, immediately enjoying his sense of humor and take on life. As you will discover in his […]

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It has been a busy week finishing up final projects for school, but that doesn’t mean I have not been able to play and have some fun. Other than the sense of accomplishment with school, here’s what stood out as highlights this week: Torturing my Ex-Husband It’s a long story how I ended up with […]


I have had very little sleep the last two nights and what little sleep I have had has been restless. I only have seven more days until I complete my program, but I am questioning whether I am going to survive this next week. As a result, this is what you get as a preface […]


In the year and a half I have written on this blog I have only written three posts in the category While Perched Upon My Soapbox. It is the one area of writing that is still hard for me to just let the words fly and hit publish. Today I have to add the fourth […]