October 2011

The change in a season after many months of the same weather is something I look forward to with anticipation. The scenery and temperature changes. There is a shift in produce available locally and cooking changes as a result. We change what outdoor activities we do as a family. And, in fall and winter months, […]


Perfecting Who We Are

October 13, 2011

in Life Lessons

Last week I wrote about a perceived lack of progress in an area of my life, but ended the week writing a more positive message about progress. Just as I mentioned thinking through the situation a great deal in my Friday post, I have continued to do so through the weekend. So, when preparing to […]


Me: A Work in Progress

October 10, 2011

in Life Lessons

Last Monday I was dealing with something difficult, which I wrote about on Tuesday. The post included the statement that I felt I had taken ten steps back in the last year. A few days later I recognized that while I felt terrible earlier in the week, I had not really taken steps back. Feeling […]


The Road to Happiness

October 4, 2011

in Life Lessons

Not long ago I had an email exchange with a reader about progress towards happiness and being brave. I pointed out the big step I made a year ago, going to a dinner party alone. I then shared with the reader that two months later I had a setback at a family event with a large […]