January 2012

This week’s theme at Naked Girl in a Dress has been to focus on the start of the New Year. So far this week I have discussed my plans to begin 2012 without setting unrealistic goals, but instead to simply be mindful of three words. In addition to thinking about these things over winter break, […]


My 3 Words for 2012

January 4, 2012

in Life Lessons

After posting on Monday the idea of creating a New Year’s Resolutions list that is filled with things you are actually excited to do, I came across this image posted on Google +. The list is either sad or funny, depending upon your perspective. Whatever your thoughts, this is an example of what NOT to […]


There is an anti-New Year’s Resolution revolution, which is understandable with an 80% failure rate for this tradition of creating long, impossible-to-achieve lists on January 1st. This masochistic activity is not a great start to a new year. Don’t create a list, promising to lose 50 pounds by June; quit your job to create a […]