February 2012

How to Be Alone

February 28, 2012

in Life Lessons

Being alone. Lately I have been contemplating what being alone felt like post separation and how it has taken shape in my life today. This has been on my mind because I have entered a period where there will be a lot of alone time. The Boyfriend and I are typically on the same weekend […]


I consider myself a fun mom. I am the first to wear my pj’s inside out to encourage snow (what, you haven’t heard about this trick?) the next day and one of the few moms who squeals when school is canceled. I enjoy a wide range of activities with the kids: playing games, baking, sledding, […]


I typically stalk a blogger for awhile, enjoying his/her writing, and then reach out to guest write here. Today’s writer, My Honest Answer, was a completely different scenario. The writer (he/she is anonymous) left a comment on my blog. I followed the link and, well, fell in love with the excellent advice being given and […]


Family Rules

February 21, 2012

in Parenting

We have a canvas wall hanging in our home with a listing of our family rules. It has become a go-to place in the house to remember what the expectations are, not just at home, but how we are each expected to conduct ourselves in our lives. It is simple, but perfect for us. Family […]


Want Some Advice?

February 18, 2012

in Mixed Bag

Earlier this year I announced Thursdays will be focused on sharing my favorite people from the online writing community; I will have guest writers with ┬ásome blog reviews sprinkled in for fun. Next Thursday, February 23rd, I am hosting someone different: an advice writer. Today and tomorrow potential questions for Thursday’s post will be accepted. […]


The post on Tuesday was one of the more difficult pieces for me to write and publish. I wrote and re-wrote it numerous times before hitting publish. Then, Wednesday morning, I edited it and republished. I have thought about the difficulty, wondering why there was a struggle. I believe it was hard because I was […]