February 2012

It is unclear to me why I am trying to get an eight-year-old boy to put a cloth napkin in his lap each night, but I am. It sits under his knife, on the table, where he thinks it belongs. During this nightly struggle, there is always a question posed: Me: “When is that napkin […]


Coming Home

February 14, 2012

in Relationships

On a beautiful weekend day last fall, I found myself sitting in front of The Boyfriend for the first time. Within minutes of taking my seat, I was interested. Four hours into the “quick lunch date,” I was still listening with rapt attention. Instead of sitting across the table from a guy droning on about […]


The first time I read this I was moved by the words, beauty, and truth. And then, to my surprise, I discovered the author at the end. I am not saying it doesn’t fit the man; I was simply not expecting who is credited with these words. Indulge me. Take your time reading, savor what […]


The Power of Forgiveness

February 9, 2012

in Guests

Forgiveness. It can be the most difficult thing to give another person, but it can be the most liberating. Forgiveness can bring about an inner peace for the one forgiving. When I asked Kimberly of Rubber Chicken Madness to guest write for me, I let her choose any Thursday in the upcoming two months, but […]


At some point in the separation and divorce process I started to search for answers. Not about the past, but about my future. I wanted to feel ready and capable to be in a loving relationship. I wasn’t sure I would remarry or that I would find a partner to spend the rest of my […]


Opposites attract. Everyone has heard the saying, but is it true? Some experts say it isn’t accurate if looking for a successful, long-term relationship.* I agree. There can be an initial excitement when meeting someone with different life experiences, interests, and beliefs, but after the curiosity has waned, what is left? I don’t believe, from […]