April 2012

It is hard for me to succinctly say what I actually do professionally. Sometimes I try to explain in full; there are times I just reveal one area I work in; and then sometimes I share things like this to explain. My life isn’t too crazy because it isn’t as if I write, consult, teach and […]


I have this deer-in-headlights look when asked what I do professionally. Why, you might ask? Because my work day is filled with awesome things like this: Which leads to awesome things like this:  Me: So the book in the image….Is THAT the EXACT one being given away? The one smashed up against your privates? Just […]


Scheduling guest writers each month is one of my favorite blogging activities. What I enjoy most is mixing it up–providing men, women, single, married, and best of all, a wide range of topics. Today’s guest writer, Lee Block, is one who stands out as different from all the writers I have hosted this year: she […]


Lying naked on the examination table with a paper gown covering very little, I waited. After a few minutes of staring at a wildlife picture taped to the ceiling, the doctor breezed in with a nurse by her side, ready to complete my annual gynecological exam. As she started the exam, she initiated a conversation […]


As I was upstairs getting ready to leave for baseball practice yesterday, I heard a commotion on the first floor. There was yelling, door slamming, and  sobbing. As I started down the stairs I saw my daughter with her face scrunched up in an evil look and my son, suited up for practice, sitting on […]


My guest today is Heidi Cave of Fancy Feet. She writes about her life today as well as a tragedy she experienced years ago. The car accident resulted in losing her best friend (a passenger) and both feet. Heidi was also badly burned in the accident. Her positive outlook and fierce determination to survive is remarkable. Heidi’s […]