April 2012

Dinnertime is now fun in our family. For many reasons it was a time of day I dreaded when I was married, which is why it was one of the first things I took control of and reshaped when my ex and I separated. We now talk about upcoming events and plans we would like to […]


Ben from Dad of the Decade is a versatile, brilliant writer. He is currently writing the poignant story of his life with his daughter Emma. Ben has regularly been bringing his readers (me included) to tears with each beautifully-written installment. With Ben writing on such a serious subject right now, it was with a little […]


There are times coming off the path on my journey has led to unexpected, positive events. Recently meandering on a different path has not been a good experience. It has affected my happiness, an emotion I believe we are capable of controlling. But I was delivered a gift yesterday, which was the impetus for changing […]


In the last four years of dating, two men have brought me flowers on the first date. Both turned out to have control issues and were, coincidentally, both complete narcissists. It would not be accurate to state I am now wary of men wielding bouquets, but I do believe there is a lesson to be learned […]


Getting in shape. It’s what many people start thinking about when the weather starts to warm up. For me, I have run regularly through the winter, but not once placed my bike in the trainer. My weekly long swims at the local indoor pool was not part of my winter exercise regime either. As a […]


The big day is here. Studio30 Plus has a new home. For my readers who are also writers, it’s simply the place to be if you want to be a better writer, make friends/network with other writers, learn how to become published, and more. This is an all-new Studio30 Plus. At first glance you will notice […]