May 2012

The fascinating Marie Nicole from My Cyber House Rules is guest writer today. Fascinating because she traveled ten months a year as a race car mechanic. Marie then focused on roller derby. Now she lives and sails full time with her husband on their boat. And that’s just the beginning to what makes Marie unique. […]


One of my favorite Spanish proverbs is the perfect description of my weekend: “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.” The kids and I are spending four days with friends who are like family. It has been the perfect respite for us all. Friday’s big outing was to spend the evening […]


The Boyfriend is struggling with something right now. The disappointment and sadness was apparent throughout our call last night. It was so difficult to be on the phone and hear the despondency in his voice knowing there was nothing I could do to take the unhappiness away. Most people recognize they can’t fix the problem […]


Today’s guest writer is Brahm from alfred lives here. Full disclosure: I fell in love with Alfred, the adorable dog-child of Brahm, first. It was inevitable that I would also fall for the writer though. He is a talented writer and a great guy. Funny is an understatement in describing him too. After you read […]


While other young kids were having Pat the Bunny read to them by their mothers, I was teaching my kids bad words. I felt it was important to learn them, but more essential, learn not to use them. The first two they learned were the “h-word” and “s-word.” But the words I am alluding to are not what […]


Aging isn’t an all-consuming concern of mine, but I can’t say that looking younger isn’t important to me. It would be hypocritical to do so while admitting I color my hair to hide gray or that I have quite an elaborate anti-aging cream regimen as well.The idea of doing anything painful to myself to look […]