May 2012

Considering two weeks before I met The Boyfriend I declared I was never dating again, this relationship was unexpected. It’s not just about the surprise of finding myself in a relationship right after embracing spinsterhood though. Everything about this relationship continues to be different from anything I could have imagined. One amazing fact is the […]


I asked Suniverse from The Suniverse to be a guest here because she is funny. And outrageous. Oh, and I like her a lot. Those are my reasons. You will find reasons for liking her as well. My guess is that it will start with her funny guest piece below and then will continue to […]


Polka Dot Green Dress

May 16, 2012

in Guests

Charlotte from My Pixie Blog is the guest writer today. She is a fun, talented, upbeat person who always seems to brighten my day. I know Charlotte through her blog, volunteer work for Studio30 Plus, and involvement with Single Edition Media so we “bump” into each other almost daily. Charlotte’s writing about love and relationships […]


The internet is where I spend most of my work day. Without fail I stumble upon something daily that makes me laugh. It could be an image, funny tweet, or, in this case, a video. This is my favorite this week. It’s hilarious. Enjoy “Call Me Maybe” performed by the Harvard baseball team.


Just a few weeks shy of the one year anniversary of my divorce, I have been thinking of the good fortune that has come my way after a long, dark period. The storm I weathered in the last four years was the most challenging in my life to date. There were days I felt so […]


My guest today is Katie Sluiter from Sluiter Nation. It’s probably best to start by saying Katie is awesome and inspiring. She is a great writer, positive person, all over the internet, and fun. Oh, and she is a mom to two, with the most recent addition joining the family in March. Of course Katie […]