June 2012

When you hear someone mention a “successful person,” is the assumption this person has a healthy work-life balance or is happy? Of course not. The implication is financial wealth or status. It is how we are trained to evaluate success as a society. But as someone who emphasizes happiness over wealth, I am not one […]


Today’s guest writer is Nicole DeFelice. She is a talented writer and professional editor. Her articles about editing in the Studio30 Plus Community Blog are always popular. Nicole’s writing on her own blog, Disturb the Universe, is a unique collection of stories about philosophy and life. But what I like most about this multi-talented woman […]


Life can be simultaneously joyous and challenging. It is something I recognize daily with our family life right now. It is probably inaccurate calling what we are living ‘family life.’ It would be more precise to call it ‘baseball life.’ Family life is having leisurely dinners together each night followed by a movie, trip for […]


Someone I love is being bullied by a vapid man who perceives her to be an easy target for abuse. Men like him, who prey on women, are weak, cowardly, and sad. This one is no exception. His abuse is calculated and sick. And baffling. Baffling because the relationship used to be based upon love. Now […]


The drive to be perfect- it’s an unwelcome quality still hanging on from my marriage. I battle this urge to aim for perfection in an attempt to extinguish the last bits of this nasty characteristic. While my old life was a well-orchestrated, focused attempt at perfection, it is time to recognize no one, but especially […]


Nothing pleases me more than hosting someone who has recently come out as a blogger. Last month I hosted Marie Nicole, who used to blog under the pen name Nikki Rules. The latest guest writer reveling in her nakedness is Aimee (formerly Deus Ex Machina) from Goddess in the Machine. She is a talented, prolific writer. […]