June 2012

 Monday I started a several week series. I will be writing about my reflections on a variety of more serious topics. While I am working on these posts, I can’t leave my readers without some humor. So to lighten things up around here, I have Brandon from My Own Private Idaho as guest writer today. […]


Fiercely independent. That is how Ben from Dad of the Decade described me in the intro to his guest post here in April. When I read that, it made me pause. I remember feeling shocked that someone I met through Studio30 Plus just a month before knew that about me. How was it possible I […]


With the one-year anniversary of my divorce passing last week, I have thought about how good life has been these first 12 months of singledom. I could choose to bask in the sun shining right now, but I have decided it is time to work through a few things that I have struggled with in […]


After a four-day holiday weekend that was at a relaxed pace, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday sick. I did my best to work on key projects, but found I was drained of energy and needed to focus on recovery. While a frenetic pace is sometimes thrust upon us, so too can taking time to rest. […]